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Mission of the Foundation

"To promote research and teaching and provide compassionate care in the area of heart disease, particularly for those diseases that may cause arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death".

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Activities of the Foundation

The Foundation has been very actively involved in these first years:

  1. Sponsorship of the "First Consensus Meeting on Brugada Syndrome" Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2000.
  2. Sponsorship of the Virtual Symposium "10th anniversary of Brugada syndrome". Sao Paulo, Brasil, 2002.
  3. Support to different research programs and clinicians focused on sudden death, by providing samples, technical expertise and clinical advise.
  4. Sponsorship of the website to provide information on sudden death and arrhythmias to patients and physicians.

If you are interested in providing support to the Foundation

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The Ramon Brugada Senior Foundation

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