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Medical research has been advancing at a fast pace over the last century. This has been achieved through the development of better technologies and improved diagnostic tools. We are now able to live longer and enjoy a better quality of life. Research in vaccines, antibiotics, cancer and heart diseases allow us to diagnose, treat, prevent and even cure diseases that were lethal few decades ago. This has all been achieved through medical research. And this would not have been possible without the collaboration of patients and physicians.

This is also the case with Brugada syndrome. In ten years we have gone from the simple description of a handful of patients to the development of diagnostic tools and parameters to identify who is or is not at risk of dying suddenly. We have also gone from the clinical description of the disease to the identification of some of the genetic risk factors that are responsible for the disease.

However there are still plenty of unanswered questions: why does it affect more males?, why at age forty?, why also responsible for sudden infant death syndrome? What are the other genes involved in the disease? Is there a medication that could prevent sudden death and so take some of the economical burden that defibrillators represent in developing countries?. And so on. Dozen of questions that remain without an answer and that have awakened the interest of many physicians and researchers.

Most of these answers require the collection and analysis of a large number of patients to draw any meaningful conclusions. That is where we need most help.

If you are a patient with Brugada syndrome, a member of a family with the disease or a physician who has encountered a case of Brugada syndrome, please make us aware of it. Provide us with the clinical information and a blood sample for gene analysis. The data remains completely confidential. The registry of thousands of patients will provide us with very valuable information to diagnose and better treat the disease. Participate in our registry. The ultimate beneficiary will be yourself or your patient.

To participate please contact us at

It is no secret that medical research is an expensive investment; however it provides long-term benefits to society. The Ramon Brugada Senior Foundation was created to support research in the disease, to inform the community of the risk of sudden cardiac death, and provide support to physicians and their patients with the disease. Funds are exclusively directed towards these aims.

If you would like to participate in this rewarding endeavor, you can make a contribution to the Ramon Brugada Senior Foundation. Please download the donation form below and mail it to the enclosed address.

Thanks for your support in the fight against heart disease.

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